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                                       pricing & Types of devices 

Different types of devices                                                                          

Here we have two examples of a Reduced Pressure Assembly. Reduced Pressure Assembly is rated for both backsiphonage and    Back Pressure as well as High Hazard. It is a common device for both containment and isolation (including lawn irrigation).









The device to the right is a Pressure Vacuum Breaker, this device is common in lawn irrigation systems and also in circumstances that a High Hazard device is needed. This device does protect against backsiphonage but does not protect against back pressure.

The device to the right is a Double Check Assembly. This device is a common containment device and protects against both backsiphonage and backpressure but it is not rated for High Hazard.

The image above gives you some idea of how many internal parts may be in a device and also how many things could go wrong with a device.

                                                                CURRENT PRICING (12/20/08)

  • We Do Not Test backflows that are in Vaults or any other Confined Space defined by:

U.S. Deparment of Labor: Occupational Safety & Health Adminstration (OSHA)

*Pricing below is for scheduled appointments and testable devices that are easy to access

Residential lawn irrigation Backflows 1" or less: $65.00 

Commercial Backflows:

    3/4"                     $65.00
    1"                        $69.95            
    1.5"                     $75.95
    2"                        $79.95
    2.5"                     $89.95
    3"                        $99.95
    4"                        $119.95
    6"                        $159.95

Any needed repairs are additional and will be priced prior to work being completed.  Any detector device is invoiced for each device and is not priced as a single unit. Discounts are available for mulitple devices to be tested at the same time. A trip charge may apply if the device is outside of Summit, Cuyahoga or Medina County. Please call to check. If we come out to the property and test the device and the device and it fails or if an appointment is missed you are still responsible for the cost of the service.

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